It’s helpful to search for backlinks from other sites whether you’re trying to establish a link-building campaign, or comparing your site to those of competitors.

Google Search Console to Analyze Your Link Profile

Google Search Console will show you a snapshot of your link profiles, but it won’t give you any information on your competitors.

Log in to Google Search Console to get started. Scroll down to the bottom menu and you will find Links.

You will then be able to see the overview of your site’s backlink profile in the “External linking” heading.

How Can You Analyze Backlinks?

You can begin by using a tool backlink analytics, which will give you insights into a range of metrics and data points to help develop a better strategic plan.

Backlink Analytics gives you more insight than GSC. You can see which backlink profiles your competitors have and use that information to help build your Link Building Strategy.

Backlinks Analytics gives you the following main metrics:

  • Authority Score
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks
  • Monthly visits
  • Keywords
  • Overall toxicity score
  • You can click on each number to see a more detailed report.

The Overview tab shows highlights from up to five websites at one time. To see a more detailed report click on any widget.

Backlink Analytics is a tool that allows you to discover the following information concerning a site’s links:

  • Total number of backlinks
  • Pages with the greatest number of backlinks
  • TLD (top-level domain) distribution
  • The categories they refer to
  • Referring domains using Authority Score
  • Top anchor text in backlinks
  • The link attributes (i.e. nofollow, followed, sponsored, or UGC).

Similar profiles (domains sharing similar link profiles which can be helpful for link building)

This tool is a fantastic place to start, whether you want to analyze your backlinks.

How Can I Get Backlinks For My Website?

There are many methods to maximize your links building efforts.

Gets a complete guide to link building for a thorough overview of how to build backlinks. Let’s start with some simple but effective link-building strategies or how to earn quality backlinks.

Ask Your Partners Or Suppliers To Link To You

Although link building is something you should avoid, you can still reach out if you want to partner in a real-life project.

You can win if they already have a mention of you on your website.

Being a site owner, you are more likely to have a good relationship with them than trying to contact site owners who don’t know you.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is an option, but make sure the partnership is clear and your content is of value. This can make it seem suspicious and untrustworthy.

Guest posts can include case studies, joint research, or other types of collaboration.

This strategy is not for everyone. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you don’t do it wrong.

Use Niche-Specific Directories

A local website search engine optimization strategy that helps build links is to submit your businesses or citations to niche-specific directories.

Brand Mentions Transform Into Links

Your site might already be mentioned on a website, so they might link to your site.

The monitor backlinks portfolio tool allows you to search for unlinked brand mentions, and receive notifications when your name is mentioned on sites.

Create Informational Content

There is a possibility of others linking to your content, whether it be ebooks, case histories, or original research.

Make sure you back your findings up with data, so your content is reliable.

Examine The Backlink Profiles Of Your Competitors

One quick way of analyzing potential ways to build backlinks is to check out your competitors’ backlinks. The Backlink Gap tool allows you to compare the performance of your competitors.

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