Any ASIN in your product bundles can serve as the main component. The bundle’s search and browse classification is determined by the main component. The search keywords of a bundle ASIN are inherited from its main component ASIN. The major component of a bundle cannot be modified once it has been produced. If necessary, you can remove and recreate your bundle. Use a different SKU or wait 24 hours before using the same one again. On desktop, the Make it a bundle widget may appear on the detail page of the main component in your bundle, which displays up to six bundles that share the same main component ASIN. On mobile, the widget does not appear.

How can you create a Virtual Bundle?

To be eligible for Virtual Bundles, you must have your brand registered. Because Virtual Bundles is currently in testing, not every registered brand will be able to use it. Go to the Brands tab in Seller Central and select “Virtual Bundles.” You can add the goods you wish to bundle, as well as your bundle photos, title, description, and bullet points, once you’re in the Virtual Bundle portal. To encourage purchases, Amazon proposes offering a discount. When you enter your pricing, Amazon will display you the whole price, including any discounts, as well as the difference between your bundle price and the total price. You will lose the Buy Box if your price is higher than the combined price. As a result, make sure your bundle pricing is equal to or less than the total price of your bundled products.

It is important to understand how to alter a bundle

The title, description, bullet points, price, and photos of a bundle ASIN can all be edited after the bundle has been saved. However, after the bundle has been saved, the products that make up the bundle, the main component, and the bundle’s SKU cannot be changed. If any of these attributes are incorrect, remove the bundle, wait 24 hours, and then recreate it. If you want to recreate it, use a different SKU or wait 24 hours before using the same one again.

Only Seller Central allows you to create and edit virtual bundles. No API or feed integration is provided. Try not to edit a bundle via a feed or any other method other than the bundles tool. If you do this, your bundle may become unavailable for purchase. Remove the bundle ASIN from your API integration or third-party tool to fix this. The bundle should then be edited and re-submitted.

Virtual Bundles: are they worth it?

We would say definitely yes, given how simple it is to set one up. It is worth at least trying to see if your items work nicely together. Do you have any products in your line that are typically purchased together? Great! Make them a package deal with a discount to provide your clients greater value and convenience. Try out a Virtual Bundle and let us know how you like it.

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